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Yoga Student Testimonials

Anant Yoga Student Testimonials

I came to Anant yoga to discover who I truly am, and perhaps even, for some reasons that are yet to be revealed. I wasn’t what you would say a hard worker, but even practicing yoga 2 times a week brought me to a new level of understanding myself. After a few months I felt more emotionally balanced and some pains of the past have slowly faded. Also the view of the people around me changed because I always saw myself greater then others. Greatness rapidly diminished after I saw that everyone was performing better than me, what gave me a chance to re-evaluate myself. What I liked the most is individual approach to each person. Awareness, love, friendship, balance and flexibility; they all come in one package. Whatever the reason for coming to yoga was in the beginning, in the end we were all winners. When one suceeds, we all suceed.
I’ve been practicing yoga with Anant for 3 years now and have only words of praise for him. He has the ability to provide demanding or relaxing classes depending on the mood and physical skills of the participants. In my job I have to sit and drive for long hours and yoga with Anant has helped me to keep my back healthy. He also provided good advice with neck pain that I have every now and then. I reccomend his classes to everybody interested in physical fitness and a deeper connection to their bodies.
I have done yoga in the past but I have never experienced what it is until I met Anant. Yoga, for me, became a tool with which I can easily realize how things functionate in Universe. I discovered the meanings of the words potential and faith. Potential, which flashed within me, and faith in reality; that with focusing on the present moment everything is possible. Every class means finding myself some more and seeing that my potential is limitless. Yoga confirmed to me connection of the spirit, body and mind and taught me how, with breathing, I can stay in the center of myself, of the Universe. And also, there is no ending to the list of physical benefits of yoga. From total reshaping the body to strengthening every single muscle and some medical corrections, as well. This experience is the stepping stone to my everyday activities. Yoga means so much to me; when I imagine that I never came to Anant Yoga, I can tell that my life would definitely be stunted, both spiritually and physically. Thank you, Anant.
Like a family, we decided to try yoga. For us yoga is new and very positive experience with which we are very satisfied because it helped us to relax in this stressful kind of life. It also helped us to do exercises which are really good for our bodies. Our teacher Anant is very positive and nice person with who we connected at the first moment. Anant motivates and teaches us how to love ourselves and how to be aware of the present. He has special carism and it is big pleasure to be in his company. Thank you Anant for introducing the world of yoga to us.
Doing yoga with Anant is an exceptional experience. I started doing yoga because I needed inner peace and outer body stretch. What I got was hours of pure zen and refreshing energy. After the practice I couldn’t but smile and leave happy. Anant is an amazing person.
My first encounter with yoga was on Anant’s class and I immediately knew that I was on the right place. No one can be indifferent about Anant’s positive energy, his spirit,smile and mind. In addition to the physical aspects of yoga practice I regained consciousness in spiritual and inner aspect of yoga. I learnt about awereness, living in the present moment, relaxation, meditation, breathing and life. Now I am aware of the progress and changes on my body and mind, and I hope to continue through the path that Anant showed me. A big thank you to Anant. Namaste!
A year ago I entered Anant Yoga class, not exactly knowing what to expect and definitely not prepared for the inner change I would leave with. Anant gave me the most positive and inspirational yoga start. From the beginning it was obvious that he put his heart into his yoga practice. He generously shared with us his extensive experience and knowledge, on his authentic and simple way. With his way of being and possibility to reach out to every person, he made a fantastic positive atmosphere in the class what brought high cohesion among the group. This made me looked forward to every class. Now, looking back, I see that yoga really changed me on deeper level through exploring my inner capacities. Balancing the mind, body, and spirit through yoga is helping me to calm the mind, being aware of the ‘present moment’ what bring me peacefulness and lot of positive energy.