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kaljayi kriya teacher training course

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Sanskrit word ‘Kaal’ means ‘time’ or ‘era’ and ‘jayi’ stands for ‘victory’.

Kaaljayi Kriya is a way to find your eternity in the soul. Kaaljayi Kriya is not simply a time or era, it is beyond time. It helps you answer the question ‘who you are’?

Yogi Anant was born in the heart of the Himalayas, a place where every yogi wishes to live. He spent years of his life with many known and unknown spiritual masters and practitioners. Yogi Anant has been practicing Kaaljayi Kriya since his childhood. He practices this sadhana every day.

Kaaljayi Kriya is a combination of unique Hatha yoga asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, and meditation. Its powerful series of techniques, when practiced daily, helps the practitioner (Sadhaka) with the state of Self-Realization.

Tapa (austerity), swadhyaya (self – study or self stream) and Ishwarpranidhana (surrender to God) are the basis of Kaaljayi Kriya.

You would find who you are and why you are on earth as a human being. It would satisfy your deeper quest for life.

It is a journey to find seven characters of your soul (Soul characters are Purity, Power, Peace, Love, Knowledge, Ecstasy or Bliss and Truth). All these are inherent in you and you just need to remove the dust off them to help them grow prominent.

How you can find yourself…

It is a journey that would help you to be centered…

With Kaaljayi Kriya, your life would be transformed.

Through everyday practice, you would become more aware and peaceful.

It would work in your gross, subtle and causal levels.

It is a combination of the ancient Hatha and Raja Yoga.