Yoga certification courses in India

We all know that a Yoga Alliance USA-certified yoga center is the first requirement. Nearly all yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh have registered yoga schools.

Yoga teacher certificate in India can be found in many parts of India, but is most prevalent in Rishikesh due to their spiritual significance.

Let us paint a picture of Rishikesh if you have never been. You will soon discover why Rishikesh is considered the capital of yoga. You will find at least four to five yoga schools on every street. Each one holds a Yoga Alliance USA certification.

It is no surprise that yoga teachers and students find it difficult to find the best yoga school near Rishikesh. It can be difficult to choose from thousands of schools in a small town like Rishikesh. Do not worry. Based on the questions of our yoga students, we will help to set clear parameters for evaluating the credibility and quality of Rishikesh’s yoga schools.

This checklist contains 5 important parameters that every yoga teacher should know!

How do you choose a quality yoga school in Rishikesh

  • Check the Yoga alliance status for the school

Many schools claim to be registered yoga schools with Yoga Alliance USA. As an aspiring student, it’s important to verify the school status via the yoga alliance website. Go to, on the top, there is an option to search, click on that search for the school of your choice, and see their status. Only after you have been certified by a Registered Yoga school, will you be able to register as a Registered Yoga teacher on the Yoga Alliance Website. Your profile will then be visible worldwide. This verification is great for your Yoga Profile. It’s best to get it done before choosing your school.

  • Google Review of Yoga Schools In Rishikesh

Anant Yoga School is a center for yoga teacher training. We know what a positive review means to anyone who serves people. Every yoga school in Rishikesh wants to hear positive testimonials about their quality. This can cause schools to alter or fabricate reviews. Anant Yoga School, one of Rishikesh’s top schools, has been a part of the pre-review online review era for yoga teacher training. We worked hard to ensure that our students heard about us. Our students are still 90% word-of-mouth, which is a testament to the quality of the experience. However, this is not about how good we are. It’s about how you can verify reviews and get real feedback about Rishikesh yoga schools.

Stock the students: Every month, a new batch of students clears their training. They post all this on Instagram. Search for the tag of the yoga school on Instagram and speak to students directly. If they have had to face a problem, they will share it with you. Anant Yoga School can openly recommend this because we have confidence in our teachers. They make sure that every aspirant to become a yoga teacher has a great experience. This leads us to the next step in our checklist: finding the best school in Rishikesh.

  • Top Yoga Teachers in Rishikesh

After you’ve established trust and verified the credibility of the school from past students, it’s time for you to learn more about the teaching staff.

These are some ways to verify that the yoga instructors at your school are credible. Ask the schools for information or use their Instagram to find out more about teachers. This will allow you to see their Instagram feeds, their lifestyle, and what their students have commented on them.

Anant Yoga School makes sure that our yoga teachers are connected to students after their teacher training. Regular Instagram Lives on hot yoga topics are also held to answer the burning questions of our community.

This is what it says about a school. It means that yoga teachers at schools like Anant Yoga School are fully involved in making yoga teachers better and not just doing the job. A yoga school can only achieve this if they have a good reputation among yoga teachers, especially in Rishikesh.

  • How old are the Yoga Schools in Rishikesh, India?

Many yoga schools post their foundation dates on websites in order to gain credibility. This can be a sign of trust. This can also fool you. It doesn’t matter how old the school is, or when it was founded. Old doesn’t necessarily mean authentic and traditional.

There are many schools in Rishikesh that are relatively new and others that have been around since the beginning. Neither can be trusted to provide the best experience for yoga learning.

How do you decide how long it takes to learn how to teach yoga? Yoga Alliance USA says that five to ten years is enough time. The quality of education is dependent on how well the students do after the course. Don’t let anyone fool you by claiming to be the best. Anant Yoga School, for example, was established in 2015. It is approximately 7 years old. However, the teachers are regular yoga practitioners and have a good understanding of how students will use the yogic practices. This makes a big difference in their ability to become teachers.

  • Where is Rishikesh’s Yoga School?

Rishikesh has many yoga schools that offer scenic views. Some are right next to rivers while others are hidden in the mountains. It is possible that the location can make a difference in your meditation or philosophy classes. It is important not to choose a school too close to the Holy Ganga River, or near major tourist attractions. The sound of the river can be meditative and may hinder your ability to listen to yoga teachers share their knowledge. You don’t want it too close or you may be distracted by the crowds on weekends. This can hinder your yoga experience and cause distractions.

Upper Tapovan, Rishikesh, is the ideal location for a yoga academy. It is a small mountain valley with beautiful views of the mountains, small waterfalls, and cute cafes. Anant Yoga School is located in the middle of Upper Tapovan mountain. This is because it can be tiring to hike up the mountain and not have the ability to get down when you need something urgent. After you have read the reviews and are satisfied with the school’s credibility, it is important to keep the location in your mind. Many schools will try to lure students in by focusing on certain aspects that do not matter in their learning experience. This brings us to the final point in your search for Rishikesh’s best school.


Each yoga school in Rishikesh offers outings and excursions as well as sattvic wholesome food and other extras. This adds an extra dimension to your Indian experience. This is not the only factor that should be considered when choosing a yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh.

Instead, you should do this. Look for testimonials from people about their experiences while participating in these activities. Did they feel connected to the school or the Indian community of yoga? Or did they post pictures? Many schools in Rishikesh only do photo shoots of these locations and don’t attempt to make the experience memorable. This brings us back to the original point. Ask the former student what the school offers and how they deliver on their promises. You can find a great yoga studio in Rishikesh by considering the above and then deciding on what matters more to you. If it’s just certification, you could do it anywhere. Ask yourself what you want from your yoga experience. Then compare the yoga schools in Rishikesh.