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Pranayama Teacher Training in the Himalaya

09 th May 2017 Pranayama Teacher Training in the Himalaya

It’s time for you to be reborn with multiple Pranayama techniques in the most beautiful part of Himalaya. Discover all beautiful secrets of breathing and learn about this ancient knowledge of vitality, prana and deepest spirituality that will guide you to a new life. With Pranayama, all tensions that block the natural flow of vital energy are being removed. Yes, you maybe heard about many types of Pranayama, but how to become aware of your breathing and automatically detach yourself from the unnecessary thoughts; that is what you will learn with the great specialist in the field of Pranayama and Meditation:

Rishikesh Anant Yoga (1)

Yogi Anant, born in the heart of Himalaya. His knowledge is absolutely huge. He always says: “If you want to be the best in meditation, first you have to know how to breathe perfectly”. Until the flow of Prana is not free, awereness is very difficult to achieve and meditation is not easy. Pranayama is a great preparation for meditation because it cleanses your energy channels, activates Kundalini, opens you Heart Chakra and much more. During breathing exercises, your sleepiness and unawareness slowly vanishes. Your strength, stamina and vitality will be born in a new light. Light of your life lies in performing of breathing exercises, because only then you are capable of doing proper meditation. Wake yourself up in the most beautiful part of Himalaya, where fresh air filled with high degree of negative ions will renew your body,mind and soul on every level.