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Become part of a Global Network of Authentic Yoga Teachers and Yoga Schools

Authentic Yoga Teachers

Anant yoga school is one of the Best Yoga School in Rishikesh, Become a part of the global network of authentic yoga teacher training from the ancient and modern science of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama. Anant Yoga School offering standard courses, and study material in this discipline, however, maintains a sincere, and worldly approach used for students. Our Courses are designed to make them individual seeker and responsive to globally, creating leadership on the supreme level. Teachings have a capacity to attract an intellectual and professional level of students.

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE: Affiliated from yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance USA  provide international certification for Yoga Teachers and Schools, and Anant yoga school have sets of standards Yoga and teachers so that students get the most of the knowledge from their daily yoga practice. Yoga Alliance certification is based on standards and provides certification to recognized schools and teachers as well.

Global Network

Anant Yoga School connects with a network of teachers, schools and communities around the world. With Anant Yoga founder Yogi Annat is teaching all across the globe there is a network for all who want to learn in Anant yoga school or they can connect easily.

Authentic Teachings

Anant Yoga School team of teachers is dedicated and experienced with a shared intention of imparting the best Yogic and Vedic teachings. The able leadership of Master Teacher Yogi Anant, all courses are taught in an enriching environment.

Anant Yoga School makes mentors in ancient wisdom simply and purely relevant in today’s time in the most practical way. The teachings offered are authentic and current with our world-class faculty.

A Complete Truly Whole Experience

Anant Yoga School provides training through the ancient yoga method are one of the most complete and well-rounded teachings of Yoga. The students learn in-depth knowledge of the yogic path and learn truly multiple layers of the Yoga not limited to a narrow approach. Yoga Training is in the space for healing and nurturing to the mind, body, and soul.