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About Our Online Yoga Classes

Welcome all to our online Anant Yoga School! Regular yoga practice is necessary to maintain a healthy body, healthy mind and emotional energy body. Keeping these things in mind, we have started online yoga classes. Whether you are new to yoga or old, our online yoga class is made for all aspirants according to their requirement. Anant Yoga School caters for all age groups given below:

  • 1. Online Yoga Class for children
  • 2. Online Yoga Class for teens
  • 3. Online Yoga Class for youth
  • 4. Online Yoga Class for everyone:
  • 5. Online Yoga Class for the elderly

Additional classes are also available on special demand. like :

  • 1. Online Yoga Class Therapeutic yoga
  • 2. Online Yoga Class Pranayama
  • 3. Online Yoga Class Meditation
  • 4. Online Yoga Class Yoga nidra

Note: Our class is available in Hindi and English too.

Our Yoga Classes


Although yoga has been practiced for years yet it is in great demand in the busiest life of the modern era because of its valuable contribution to sharpen personality and shape up the character of the growing children. Today, the fast track stressful lifestyle has made regular yoga practice more important or even essential part of life. There are some parents who are not really aware of the overall development of their child, or they don't have much time to train their child in such way, therefore they should consider Yoga class 'a must do' course which plays an important role in the development of children. There are many such asanas, pranayama and meditation methods in yoga, which improve the physical, mental and spiritual development of the child through regular practice. For children, our yoga classes focus on how they can balance their limbs, body balance, mental balance so that they will be able to focus on their hard skills as well as soft skills hence their performance will improve day by day. If you want to see your child ahead of the rest in everything, then our online yoga class will prove to be the best for your child.


The transition period between childhood and adulthood is a very challenging one. Today, because of the busiest life style of the modern era, adolescents have to face many challenges, due to which their health related problems arise such as pimples, weak eyes, foul mouth, untimely white hair, dandruff in the head, hormone imbalance, anxiety to achieve goals, lose self-sufficiency due to excessive pressure, irritability, nervousness, intoxication along with the bad company and indiscipline etc. Yoga is very helpful to avoid these tentative diseases and problems. Our yoga Classes are especially designed for adolescent children. If your children practice regular yoga exercises then many problems will end automatically.


For the youth 'Anant Yoga Class' is nothing less than a boon for they are intensely driven by various goals, desires and dreams they perceive at present time. Their family, society and nation have many expectations towards them. To fulfill their own desires at the same time live up to others expectations, one must be enthusiastic, energetic, confident and focused indeed. Our online yoga classes will help them in achieving the same. Through the yoga sessions designed by our experts, the youth can have multiple benefits like skill development & over all personality makeover and as a result become successful in every aspect of life.


Whether you are a business person, coloured employee, employer or a homemaker, it is very important to spare some quality time to keep your body healthy, do observe its signs at every stage of age. Regular yoga exercises and good eating habits are essential to have good health. Our yoga classes have been designed in such unique way to treat and reduce the common problems of every age group people. Our yoga classes are highly beneficial for everybody as they cater for all age group people.


Regular practice of yoga helps in keeping old age people healthy. Along with improving the general health, gait, balance and flexibility of the elderly, many mental and physical ailments can also be treated and kept under control with regular yoga practice. Some of our online yoga classes have been especially designed for the elderly by our experienced yoga experts.

Upcoming Dates

  • Online Yoga Classes Dates

    • 1st - 15th Jan 2025
    • 1st - 15th Feb 2025
    • 1st - 15th Mar 2025
    • 1st - 15th Apr 2025
    • 1st - 15th May 2025
    • 1st - 15th Jun 2025
    • 1st - 15th Jul 2025
    • 1st - 15th Aug 2025
    • 1st - 15th Sep 2025

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