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What is the difference between Professional and Basic Yoga Training

What is the difference between professional and basic yoga training

When a person thought about a change in life with yoga, that person should prepare the mind because this is not an easy task, then you can join any basic yoga classes, and you feel comfortable with yoga so you would learn basic yoga. When a person found himself as a yoga lover, then he would do any of yoga teacher training course from a renowned school. That person can do some advance level course too, and those schools affiliated from yoga alliance USA so that a person would be a professional teacher and taught yoga worldwide.

Anant yoga School offer Basic yoga and advanced yoga teacher training both programs are affiliate from Yoga Alliance certified. There is a difference between both courses, as defined below.


The Basic yoga course is the minimum 100 hours in Anant Yoga School. A requirement of yoga asana for those who are at the beginning of their yoga path. They want to get trained for their daily routine yoga with a healthy life those want to start as a practitioner of yoga prepared for long-lasting yoga teacher training. After doing basic yoga course, you can’t teach yoga as professionally, but you can make your life more comfortable as you want on a mental, physical, and emotional level.


The Advanced courses provide 200 hours, 300 hours, 500 hours of practical, lectures, and workshops. The Advanced teacher training Course offers extended Asana, Alignment, postures, pranayama, meditation classes with one of our Lead Teachers they shared techniques of alignment an asana perfectly. We analysis the Yoga Sutras series and give lectures, discussing each yoga sutra from the Book, in a comprehensive philosophical. We would lecture and workshops on Yoga Anatomy and Philosophy in the advanced 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.